Selling Sterling Silver uninterrupted since 1980. 

While our website is categorized, our approach to finding and selling is not based on categories. Every piece of jewelry is hand selected. We look at proportion, craftsmanship, and overall design. 

We import jewelry directly from shops in Mexico, Thailand, and India, as well as Bangkok, Bali, and Nepal.

We deal with individual American silversmiths, both local and national, and large American companies.

Our relationships with Holly Yashi and Boma go back 36 years.

Because we hand select every piece in the store, assortments will come and go.

If we like it, we put it in our store and on the website. It's affordable, interesting, and wearable jewelry. 


Urban Sterling Silver is owned by Silver Parrot, Inc.

1475 Western Ave

Albany, NY 12203


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