5 Reasons You Should Wear Celtic Jewelry
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5 Reasons You Should Wear Celtic Jewelry

Mar 10, 2023 · Celtic Jewelry · Earrings · Ireland · Jewelry · Pendant · urbansterlingsilver.com

In Honor of St. Patrick's Day Here Are 5 Reasons YOU Should Wear Celtic Jewelry!

1. You'll be wearing a piece of history!

Celtic Jewelry's origins date back to 2000 BC to around 550 AD. Fine metals were used by craftsmen to create jewelry containing Celtic symbols that would stand the test of time. 

Throughout history, Celtic design has been able to stay constant while the world changed around it. The metals may have changed with the times, and the details may have gotten even more intricate with changing technology, but the designs and symbols have stayed the same for all these years. 

Ancient Celtic settlement

Ancient Celtic settlement Chysauster Village, a late Iron Age and Romano-British village of courtyard houses in Cornwall, England. 

2. The meaning of these pieces runs deep.

This beautiful jewelry not only makes a statement with its beautiful, classic designs, but it also has sentimental meaning in its symbolism. 

The Celtic Knot is though to signify the three forces of nature: water, fire, and earth. There is a single line that signifies the oneness of the spirit, and the spirals represent growth. Gaps in these spirals symbolize the stages of life: life, death, and rebirth. 

The Claddagh symbol has three elements: a heart, a crown, and two clasped hands. The heart represents love, the crown stands for loyalty, and the hands symbolize friendship. 

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3. Is your heart taken? The Claddagh Symbol can help you tell the world! 

Furthermore, the Claddagh ring can be worn to show your relationship status and whether your heart belongs to someone else. If the Claddagh ring is worn on the right hand ring finger with the heart facing outwards, this says the wearer is single, and open to finding love. If it is worn on the right hand ring finger with the heart facing inwards, this means the person's heart is taken, that they are in a relationship. If the Claddagh ring is worn on ring finger of the left hand with the heart facing outwards, that means someone is engaged. If it is on the left hand ring finger with the heart facing inward, it means that they are happily married. 

These symbols are just suggestions, so don't believe everything you see without asking first 😜.

Some people decide to wear the Claddagh ring on any finger based on look and feel. 

4. The details are insanely intricate and beautiful.

Why do people wear jewelry? Sometimes because it has meaning to it, but also because it's beautiful! Celtic jewelry can only be made with beautiful craftsmanship by experienced silversmiths. There are tiny lines, spirals, and triangles that come together to create a unique, gorgeous piece of jewelry. 

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5. These pieces can be passed down to family members through time. 

Whether you are of Irish heritage or not, these classic pieces of jewelry can stand the test of time. The earrings, necklaces, and bracelets we sell in our Celtic Collection bring together modern style and the artistic designs of thousands of years ago in Ireland. Made of beautiful sterling silver, you will be proud to pass these pieces of jewelry on to family members for generations to come.  

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